Couple's Intensive

The couple’s intensive consists of 1-3 days of psycho-education and therapy targeted to the issues the couple wants to focus on. 

Couples will get 5 hours/day of private therapy (including a break for lunch) and materials to take home. This also includes a comprehensive relationship assessment based on a form that the couple will complete ahead of time. The information provided will be used by the therapist only for specific treatment planning to make each session as personalized and as efficient as possible.



How often are they scheduled?

These sessions are based on each couple's needs. Usually, they are scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays and/or Mondays. Other days may be possible if needed. Couples can choose how many days they need depending on what they would like to accomplish.


For local couples, they can be scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. For couples traveling to the area they can be scheduled consecutively. 


Is this program covered by insurance? How much does it cost?


No, intensives are not covered by insurance. A deposit of $775 is required to book an intensive. 

Can I register without paying?

To schedule an intensive, couples need to first fill out the form below and pick out a date that suits them. Diana will then get back to them accordingly, and if both the therapist and the couple agree on the date, a deposit fee will then be required.

What are the accepted payment methods?


Checks, Cash, and Credit Card Payments are accepted.

Please take the time to fill out this form before proceeding to the payment
Couple's Intensive Form
What are you hoping to work on during this intensive?

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